Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Centennial Celebration

Courtesy of http://usm.edu/
Southern Miss celebrates its 100th year anniversary! March 30th officially marked the university's 100th year of existing. The week was filled with a number of celebratory events on campus, including the opening of the Centennial Exhibit, Founder's Day Celebration, and the all important, Centennial "100" Formation, which is pictured above. I, personally, did not attend any of the events do to having two tests scheduled and this grand day. But, I did attend the Centennial Celebration and Picnic on the field in front of the Walker Science Building. USM's Gulf Coast is also celebrating with its own string of events. Both campuses are continuing their celebratory events through November, with the Gulf Coast finishing off in December with a chorale.

Information on the remaining events for both campuses can be found at http://www.usm.edu/centennial

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