Friday, February 19, 2010

The Special Collection at McCain Library

McCain Library & Archives at Southern Miss sponsors its own Special Collections Exhibit which contains a multitude of displays from different themes. My visit to the Special Collections room focused on the items related to "Media Tie-Ins." Tie-ins are a very common thing in America, but you might only know that if you happened to hear this exact term somewhere. They are the infamous Twilight book series which are made into major box selling movies or Knight Rider television series which is made into its own activity book.

In the U.S. we find that numerous books are made into movies, and vice-versa. These conversions are known as tie-ins. They are the result of a hit book (or movie) being made into a movie (or book). This is seen the most with books which were major sellers as a text. The most recent forms of this are Alice in Wonderland, Twilight, and The Lightning Thief. These titles turn out many movie-goers in their premiers, with a central attraction in children and teenagers. Amongst many other titles, tie-ins can, and do, draw many of us into the original works of the novels so many hit movies are based off of.

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